Events of the year (Part 2)… Dinosaur Art Party Time!

 Time finally arrived for a memorable double event promoting  the much talked-about book Dinosaur Art… Here’s a little scrapbook of both events…

Everything started with an extensive talk/interview/presentation  at the Flett Theatre of the Natural History Museum in London on Friday 21st of September with several of the artists  involved coached by editor Steve White and Scientific advisor Darren Naish. Here are the protagonists that night: from left to right, Darren Naish, myself,  Rob Nicholls, John Conway, Steve White and John Sibbick.

The theatre was almost full  and the audience was a knowledgeable crowd represented by all genders and ages (something that dispels the myth that dinosaurs in England are “just for children”!). We, the artists, felt completely at home with the great audience… and it was thrill to answer their questions and see their interest in our field of work… we could share our common passion for Dinosaur Art with complete abandon knowing that our efforts were appreciated.  The session started with the new generation (John Conway and Rob Nicholls) and finished with the veterans: John Sibbick and myself). Darren and Steve did a perfect counter-balance act…Here are Rob Nicholls(in his marine isolation  tank), John Conway (doing his best Nick Cave impersonation) and John Sibbick (finally facing the crowd) presentations.

And here are some snapshots of mine… Allosaurus was a struggle and Darren seems perplexed by the Chinese Revolution… but suddenly it was my time to a face to face final confrontation with a male Deinonychus!

Afterwards, we had a long signing session of the books (with some sketching of favourite dinosaurs included). From right,  here’s  John Sibbick, Rob Nicholls and your’s trulyWe were extensively consulted regarding the tricks of the trade…including the puzzling fact that we have tried to live from this all these years!

Next day was the signing at Forbidden Planet… and I wasn’t quite prepared for what was coming!

The attendance was more than 130  people according to the organisers. and we had to sign hundreds of copies for different  retail outlets.

Quite a PR exercise!

And the protagonists that day were (from left to right) Barry Spiers (designer of the book), Steve White, John Conway, Rob Nicholls, myself and Darren Naish. I’m sparing you some other gruesome images when we tried to kill Rob for finishing his sketches late!

Needless to say, after all this hard work  and two very successful days we  had to celebrate at a nearby pub… and it seems that Georgia McLean-Henry, Mark Witton and Dr Jenny Taylor were having a great time with the 3-D version of “Dinosaurs In Your Face“!

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4 Responses to Events of the year (Part 2)… Dinosaur Art Party Time!

  1. palaeosam says:

    That’s so cool, I saw that one with the quilled Triceratops, two theropods & a Quetzalcoatlus(?) being made. Am sorry I missed the NHM event but could only attend one. The signing was so much fun – more of the great spur-of-the-moment sketches viewable here:

  2. Bridget says:

    I know at least one very appreciative member of your audience – see his blog at Great evening, thank you.

  3. Joaking says:

    Hell!!! I would do everything to be in this incredible conference. Ok, greetings to you Luis and the rest of the artists for the great book, that I will capture one day!!!!!

  4. Mozchops says:

    You guys are gods, and have been a source of constant inspiration since I abandoned diapers.

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