Presenting: Dinosaur Art

I’m making public this picture in celebration of having participated in a new Steve White project due out very soon. It is entitled Dinosaur ArtThe World’s Greatest Paleoart (due to be released the 28th of September)and  compiles some of the all-time greatest paleoartists (to whom I’m honoured to accompany in this volume… looking at them reminds me how much more there is still to learn!). This picture you see here (due also to be released in the next R. Bakker/ L.V.Rey “big” project) pretends to be a tribute to 160 years of evolution in the Dinosaur Image. Yes, from Waterhouse Hawkin’s old bear-like Megalosaurus in Crystal Palace to that lean, mixed-bag theropod we still call Megalosaurus today… quite a dramatic change!

This selection is just a sample from all the art included in Dinosaur Art, a hardback, lavishly presented  and historically backed volume  There are extensive art sections dedicated to Julius Csotony, Greg Paul, Mauricio Antón, Douglas Henderson, John Conway, Raúl Martín, John Sibbick, Robert Nicholls and Todd Marshall. With foreword by Phil Currie, introduction by Scott Sampson and scientific consultancy by Darren Naish, this book is a must for any collector. It also backs-up one of my main arguments for dinosaur illustration… we strive in variety! Quite a few styles are represented here and (for me) the more the merrier… and I’m happy to state: every artist in this v0lume has done his scientific homework thoroughly!

Everything has been organised by Steve White, himself an illustrator and dinosaur lover since time immemorial (he gave me my second formal job as paleoartist in a Marvel Dinosaur dinosaur comic compilation around 1990!).

Towards the 21st of September I’ll be signing copies with some of my fellow travellers (including probably Darren Naish) at the Natural History Museum and possibly the Forbidden Planet store in Shaftesbury  Ave in London. All dates are now confirmed  (see

 I hope to see some of you there.

You can pre-order the book here:

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1 Response to Presenting: Dinosaur Art

  1. Chris says:

    This sounds great ! You know I actually have that Marvel Dino comic series..really liked your story from it..I recall it stood out quite a bit to me as a kid. 😉

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