I did  Therizinosaurus  in this zebra-stripped guise right from the first painting I did of it. Then, Dorling Kindersley -under my supervision- took the idea to 3D levels in the the DK “Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life”, a book that Darren Naish and I have special memories of .  I like to keep some consistency in the depiction of “my” animals… in a new version to be published soon, I have extended the feathery coverage… it is indeed a strange animal. I have a cast of one of its claws and with the keratin cover, it would have been measured a metre or more. I also have a cast of a therizinosaur nest…  This is a sketch reconstructing  what was inside one of the eggs in exactly the same posture. This therizinosaur was not Therizinosaurus itself, but it gives a good idea of what might have been a real Therizinosaurus embryo.

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3 Responses to Therizinosaurus.

  1. Herman Diaz says:

    “in a new version to be published soon,”

    Out of curiosity, are you referring to the big book you’re working on w/Bakker or something else entirely?

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