Sinusonasus Fighting.

I have noticed that several key pieces in my own development as a dinosaur illustrator are absent from my website. The purpose of this blog is also to  refresh them.  I tried to represent these two Sinusonasus raptors as naturally and as realistic as possible. I used as  inspiration a couple of herons(*) fighting, although with those recurved talons of Sinusonasus, the fight would have been much more deadly… it is always a challenge to represent Raptors in a very different light without having to make them look excessively reptilian, a trend that I started a long time ago with paintings like  the sinornithosaur “Dave” (that is included in the website and I will show here with a little story in the next few days). I always worry that my raptors could look like coated lizards… Dave and Sinusonasus surely don’t. It is always important to keep looking at modern nature for inspiration, it keeps the dinosaur restorations fresh and alive.


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