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T.rex mom and babies…

Also from “Dino Babies”. I was one of the first artists to depict feathered T. rex offspring back in the late nineties. We have gone a long way and this artwork will soon have to be modified… it seems that … Continue reading

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Now… And Then…

Taken from “Dino Babies”(Bakker/Rey, Random House), this was meant to be directed as thought provoking piece for those that are still surprised that birds are dinosaurs. After all, a great way to induce change is with analogies.

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A Gallery of Pterosaurs

No sooner I started this blog, I’ve got a complaint from  David Martill: “crap blog… no pterosaurs”… this post is dedicated to him, after all it was thanks to him that I did the Caulkicephalus restoration for Portsmouth University. Most … Continue reading

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I have been studying the debate on the locomotion of Triceratops for a long time. I have also studied several mounted skeletons and this is what I finally managed to come with as compromise… a peculiar stance indeed. This illustration … Continue reading

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And now for something completely different… Mammals!

After we did together our now famous Dinosaurs From Africa book, there was always some room to do some more collaborations. Anusuya Chinsamy is famous for her histology and metabolic studies of fossil animals… here’s my latest work illustrating her … Continue reading

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Velociraptor Model Mom

This Velociraptor nesting family was intended for the cover of “Dino Babies!” until someone else decided differently. I personally thought this would have been a much better idea… It is obviously tongue in cheek attempt to draw attention to the … Continue reading

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The discovery of a giant mammal with a baby dinosaur in its belly was all the rage a few years back. The concept of a mammal that could attack and eat dinosaurs in the Cretaceous (when everybody had assumed that … Continue reading

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Parasaurolophus: A Dangerous Orchestra.

THE DANGEROUS DINOSAUR ORCHESTRA.From Random House’s “Dino Babies”  (Bakker/Rey) This is a personal favourite. Robert Bakker (always classically-minded) compared this illustration to the depiction of a battle scene by Alexander the Great (mostly for its dynamics). For me this is … Continue reading

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  Having fun with Jurassic Park. Old “Velociraptor” mutates into Deinonychus, and gets its feathers back! An old Jurassic Park toy model was languishing unused in my vaults and I thought: what I would have done if it was me … Continue reading

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Velociraptor. Fully arm-feathered as the newly discovered of ulna bumps for quill attachment demonstrate. Yes, we were right from the beginning

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