Mammal Evolution

The strange world of mammal evolution is present in these two pieces.  The dog-like cynodont therapsid Cynognathus and the utterly handsome dinocephalian (more like a side branch in evolutionary terms) Estemmenosuchus. Both have been published in Anusuya Chinsamy’s  “Forerunners Of Mammals” previously mentioned in another post. Although probably not as “attractive” as dinosaur evolution… the incipient mammal evolutionary stages are just as fascinating. 

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  1. Schenck says:

    Need to pick up “Forerunners” one day. Got to meet Dr. Chinsamy at her a poster in SVP in Las Vegas, she’s very friendly AND brilliant! And clearly the book is wonderfully illustrated!
    Between feathered dinos, “furry” pterosaurs, and incipient mammals, the Mesozoic was a Fuzzy Place! (Must’ve been TERRIBLE for allergies, ha!)

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