The Deinonychus Saga (Part 2)

We were talking about female Deinonychus in the previous post… what about this dandy. flamboyant male? I did this as a challenge: we really don’t have much evidence of the exterior of dinosaurs… what is underneath all that flamboyancy  is what we strictly know about Deinonychus: it skeleton.  For the rest we have imagination and the best model we can get:  nature itself.

At the end we had to return to females at work… here’s another snapshot at the precise moment where one of them (Tenontosaurus or Deinonychus) is going to get killed. If you are wondering about the strange little scene in the background (Sauropelta being attacked by two Deinonychus) it is because originally this illustration was used in a book called “Dinosaur Magnets”… yes… those little figures were going to be magnets to be used anywhere in the background landscape! I think the main scene that serves as framework is a rather risque figure study.

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