Some mammal stuff from “Prehistoric Monsters”

Denizens of the Ice Age and Platybelodon protecting its baby…. These two pieces that are part of the Prehistoric Monsters book I did with Dr. Bob Bakker some years ago and in turn they are now part of the newly released “Dinosaurs In Your Face“… it meant a departure from the dinosaur world I was submerged in, but at the same time, I relished the variety and the opportunity to get into other stuff. I hope you can see them better now (the paper they were printed on originally was not so good, so the quality suffered quite a lot).

It also meant a first trial of new techniques and a complete departure from my old style… among other things now I was able to “paint” with real skin, creating my own brushes. These effects will be shown at  greater length, now with more mature and diversified results in quite a few of the new projects I will be showing in this blog in the very near future.

By the way, the idea of Platybelodon cradling the baby in its lower jaw was Dr. Bob’s not mine!

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