Surrealist intermission… Home’s Garden.

It’s Sunday, so it’s time for something completely different… Since I have had some enquiries about Dave Hone’s post regarding my home’s garden (the actual title of this piece!), I’d like to tell a little story. Some people know that I divide my work between the strictly scientific restorations and illustrations and  my surrealist/symbolic art. I never mix both,  but in 1988 I produced the piece you see here… a naive, dream-like Magritte-influenced mind-bending exploration of my own subconscious. Tyrannosaurus has been the Icon of many a childhood… and ironically it is only until the latest part of the twentieth century that we managed the Icon to walk properly and in the right posture!

Bu this dream is not about anatomical accuracy… it is about the Icon. Needless to say as soon as I could -that is, when I managed to have a garden- I set to try and realise the painting in 3-D  (with the essential help  and gardening abilities of Carmen, my partner). Unfortunately the T.rex (OK… Tarbosaurus bataar) couldn’t be life-size! But I don’t despair… one day… maybe… and it will always be with its back in the right horizontal posture and the tail well off the ground!

Here’s a night vision of it as it is today.

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