Velociraptor Model Mom

This Velociraptor nesting family was intended for the cover of “Dino Babies!” until someone else decided differently. I personally thought this would have been a much better idea… It is obviously tongue in cheek attempt to draw attention to the closeness of dinosaurs and birds (a division that is mostly artificial, base on time scale more than anything else…)

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Paleo Illustration
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2 Responses to Velociraptor Model Mom

  1. Schenck says:

    I bought a small print of this at the Las Vegas SVP conference, was glad to get it, great stuff!

  2. Herman Diaz says:

    W/all due respect, I actually like the Deinonychus version better. It may just be the perspective, but something seems off about the shape of this Velociraptor’s snout compared to that of the Velociraptor in 1 of your June 20th posts.

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